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Joséphine Baker at the Panthéon

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The Orient in Large
1111-3 © Léon & Levy / Roger-Viollet

On view from October 7, 2021, to January 8, 2022

The Orient in Large

A photographic epic in panoramic format

Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, around 1900, the Léon & Lévy studios sent their photographic operators around the world. They travelled with their bulky photographic cameras using imposing 16 x 42 cm glass plates. These unusual dimensions allow them to obtain horizontal and vertical panoramic views of exceptional quality.
The Roger-Viollet Gallery exhibits, for the first time, 50 photographs in limited edition, from this unique collection.

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The Roger-Viollet Gallery welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Free admission.

6 rue de Seine 75006 Paris + 33 1 55 42 89 09 - galerie@roger-viollet.fr


  • The Sioux of Buffalo Bill's Circus by Léopold Mercier

    The Sioux of Buffalo Bill's Circus by Léopold Mercier

  • Automobile traffic in Paris

    Automobile traffic in Paris

  • Fishing by François Kollar

    Fishing by François Kollar

  • Jacques Boyer scientific photographer

    Jacques Boyer scientific photographer

  • Fighting for free contraception by Catherine Deudon and Janine Niepce

    Fighting for free contraception by Catherine Deudon and Janine Niepce

  • Jean-Paul Belmondo<br>by Alain Adler

    Jean-Paul Belmondo
    by Alain Adler

  • Joséphine Baker by Boris Lipnitzki

    Joséphine Baker by Boris Lipnitzki

  • The making of champagne

    The making of champagne

  • Ousmane Sow exhibition at the Mont-Dauphin fort

    Ousmane Sow exhibition at the Mont-Dauphin fort

  • Tour de France

    Tour de France

  • The fairs

    The fairs

  • Polars expeditions

    Polars expeditions


Exhibition rentals

For your cultural events, we propose a choice of turnkey exhibitions, or to explore together our exceptional photographic archives for the production of made-to-measure projects.

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Our Photographers

  • Albert Harlingue

    Albert Harlingue

    Albert Harlingue, born in Paris in 1879, opened his photographic studio, located at 5 rue Seveste in the 18th district of Paris, in 1905. Starting in the early 20th century, he photographed [...]

  • Roger Schall

    Roger Schall

    Born in 1904, Roger Schall was a globally renowned photographer in the 1930’s and ‘40’s. He worked in all photographic disciplines including fashion, portraits, nudes and still lives but the majority [...]

  • Kathleen Blumenfeld

    Kathleen Blumenfeld

    Born in paris in the 1920’s, daughter of Manès Lévy a french industrialist (mainly in the car industry), and of a british mother, Deb Barnett. During the war, because her father was jewish they had to [...]

  • Henri Roger

    Henri Roger

    Henri Roger was born in 1869. He took his first photograph at the age of eleven. When he was twenty, and a young engineer, he became one of the precursors of photographic special effects. His first [...]

  • René-Jacques


    Born in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) in 1908, René Giton was 16 years old when he settled in Paris with his family. Soon after completing his law studies in 1930, he decided to become a professional [...]

  • Marcel Cerf

    Marcel Cerf

    Marcel Cerf was born in 1911. Historian and journalist, he contributed to the "Monde" from 1929 to 1935, a magazine founded by Henri Barbusse. In 1935, he joined the team of the "Regards" magazine as [...]

  • Léon Claude Vénézia

    Léon Claude Vénézia

    Both humanist and poetic, Léon Claude Vénézia’s photographs take us to the East of Paris and its suburbs. Born in 1941, he immortalized the big transformations in architecture and society occurred fro [...]

  • Patrick Ullmann

    Patrick Ullmann

    Patrick Ullmann began to photograph the world of French music and songs in 1961, first at the Studio des Variétés shows and then on the set of the Europe I program Musicorama. Beginning in 1970, he b [...]


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    Science and technology

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    Libération de Paris

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    Universal & Colonial Exhibitions

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    Life under occupation

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    Rural life and villages in France

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    Marville & Atget

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