General terms and conditions


SPL Parisienne de Photographie operates as a photographic agency specializing in the management and distribution of historical and artistic photographic collections under commercial brand Roger-Viollet.

Therefore the name “Roger-Viollet” used in the following terms and conditions means the photographic agency department of SPL Parisienne de Photographie.

These Licensing Terms & Conditions (“LTC”) govern the conditions under which Roger-Viollet grants its customers, hereinafter referred to as the "Licensee", the right to reproduce or represent photographs from its collection and from those of its partners.

Viewing, using or acquiring exploitation rights to one of the photographs in the Roger-Viollet collection shall constitute acceptance of the LTC without any reservations and compliance with all the stipulations hereof.

Roger-Viollet's standard LTC shall unconditionally prevail over the Licensee's standard terms and conditions and over any other professional code of practice (code des usages) as regards photographic illustrations. If the Licensee does not accept one or more of the stipulations contained in the LTC or if these stipulations contradict its own standard terms and conditions, the Licensee shall refrain from using this service or the content thereof which is made available to him.

Terms of Licensing of Images

Pursuant hereto, the Licensee is only granted a limited right to reproduce, represent or draw inspiration from Roger-Viollet's photographic images. This license is granted for a limited use as defined on the back of the delivery form. Under no circumstances shall the Licensee gain material ownership of the documents sent to it by Roger-Viollet regardless of the medium used (paper, film, conventional prints or digital).

The images [to which rights are] granted by Roger-Viollet pursuant hereto are granted for the use stated on the quotation which has been accepted by the Licensee, a specific bilateral agreement or the invoice issued by Roger-Viollet. Any other use or re-use of the photographic images [to which rights are] granted shall be the subject of a further agreement which may or may not be followed by an additional invoice.

No refund will be issued on invoices or payments made in advance of publication, regardless of the actual use of the Images. Should the actual use of the Images differ from the one specified in the accepted quote or invoice (higher print run, larger format or n° of images used, etc…), an additional invoice will be issued.

The Licensee undertakes to provide proof of the use of each of Roger-Viollet's photographic documents. Each use or re-use of the photographic images that are the subject hereof shall be the subject of payment of fees whose amount shall be set by Roger-Viollet.

The Licensee undertakes to comply with any restrictions on the use of the photographic images. Any use for advertising purposes or for the purpose of political propaganda or sensitive social issues without Roger-Viollet's prior agreement in writing is prohibited.

Photographic images that are placed online by the Licensee for their use in the context of a website shall be shown in low resolution (no more than 700 x 700 pixels in 72 dpi). Use of the photographic images on social networks without Roger-Viollet's prior agreement in writing is prohibited and, when such agreement is in place, the use of the specific format provided by Roger-Viollet is mandatory.

Protection of works, property or individuals represented

Photographic images may be encumbered by a literary and artistic property right or by an industrial property right, or related rights, a right as regards personality, a moral right, right of property or other rights that belong to a third party. Unless otherwise stated, the exploitation license granted by Roger-Viollet never includes authorisations relating to the exploitation of the fruits of mental activity, trademarks, the image of individuals and moveable or immovable property represented in the photographic images.

The Licensee alone shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary authorisations and for negotiating as regards the rights relating to works, property or individuals represented in the photographic images from or with their beneficiaries. As a result, the Licensee shall hold Roger-Viollet harmless against any recourse or dispute relating to obtaining these rights and shall also hold Roger-Viollet harmless against any order which may be handed down against it [by a court] in this respect.

Terms of Use of the Images

The Images are copyrighted works protected by intellectual property law. Under French law and international conventions no violation can be brought against the integrity or authorship of a work. A photographic image may not be used in a way that causes harm to the integrity or the reputation of its author nor should any use misrepresent the image or, as regards news images, distort the meaning thereof.

Accordingly, the Licensee agrees not to make any changes in the Images (significant cropping / re-framing, trimming, editing, montage of several photographs, colorizing, etc.) likely to affect the author's moral rights. The Licensee is solely responsible for the conditions under which it uses the Images, particularly by re-captioning them, associating them with other photos or any text or image of choice or proceeding, without the prior written consent of Roger-Viollet, their modification or their crop, and the Licensee agrees to hold free Roger-Viollet against any claims concerning such uses.

Credit line

The credit line must accompany each of the reproductions or representations of the photographic images. This generally consists of the name of the photographer or of the partner collection followed by Roger-Viollet’s name.

The credit line must be placed next to the image reproduced or in the table of illustrations provided for that purpose, clearly stating the page or the place where the image is reproduced. Equally, the credit line must also be included in the credits of audiovisual or multimedia works that contain photographic images that are the subject hereof.

To use the photographic images in an electronic product/service such as a website, CD-Rom or Intranet, the Licensee undertakes to include the following words "All rights reserved. Roger-Viollet Agency" on every page which contains a Roger-Viollet photographic image.

In the event of a breach of these provisions, the fees owed to Roger-Viollet for the use in question shall automatically be tripled.

Transmission & storage of the Images

Transmission of photographic images in any form whatsoever, shall not entail the authorisation to use, reproduce, represent or draw on them for inspiration.

The delivery of the digital files of the images may be subject to invoicing of technical expenses separately from the fee for using the photographic images.

Without Roger-Viollet’s prior written consent, the Licensee expressly agrees not to establish a physical or digital database from the Images transmitted by digital means by Roger-Viollet or downloaded from the website. The Licensee is not allowed to keep the Images transmitted by Roger-Viollet or downloaded from the Roger-Viollet website in an archive on any medium whatsoever, for more than seven days after their actual use. The Licensee undertakes therefore to destroy the digital files, or, where appropriate, to return any digital or silver document (selections of Images on CD) belonging to Roger-Viollet upon expiration of that period. Additionally, it is mandatory to provide photo credit and the source of the file during the temporary storage by the Licensee.

Interruption of distribution

Roger-Viollet may cease distribution of some photographers, collections or individual images, without notice and without explanation, without the Licensee being able to claim any compensation as a result.

In this case, and as soon as the notification by Roger-Viollet to cease using the images is received, the Licensee shall immediately stop using the images and delete all copies he may still retain in his possession.

Proof of Use

Proof of the use of the photographic images must be sent to Roger-Viollet within 15 days as from the date they appear or are published. After this period, the fee for using the images shall be doubled and the Licensee shall be invoiced without notice. In the event that Roger-Viollet discovers unreported use of its Images, the fees owed shall be quadrupled.

If the fees owed to Roger-Viollet are not paid or in the event the Licensee uses the photographic images in breach of Roger-Viollet's rights and in particular without informing Roger-Viollet thereof, Roger-Viollet reserves the right to obtain compensation for the damage it may have sustained by all legal mean.

Invoicing & payment

Invoices must be paid 30 days after the date the invoice was issued or on the date specified on the invoice if this is sooner. Any invoice which has not been paid within this 30-day period shall automatically be increased by late-payment interest equal to three times the French legal interest rate.

In the event that the Licensee is not regularly meeting his payment obligation and after a warning remaining without effect for a maximum of 8 days, Roger-Viollet reserves the right to suspend any provision of documents exclusively at the fault of the Licensee.

Late payment penalty

According to French law n°2012-387 of 22 March 2012, a late payment penalty of € 40 will be applied for any payment delay in addition to any late-payment interest accrued as per above.

Miscellaneous provisions

These Licensing Terms & Conditions contain all the agreements that have been made by the parties and render null and void any other previous agreement, declaration of intent, promise or document exchanged between the parties and relating to these stipulations. The fact that one party fails to demand fulfilment of a provision hereof shall not entail the waiver of the benefit of such clause.

If one of the provisions of these standard terms and conditions of assignment is declared null and void, the parties agree that the other provisions shall remain in effect and shall retain all their effects in respect to said parties.


In the event of a contradiction between the original version of the Licensing Terms & Conditions in French (Conditions Générales de Cession) and its translation into English, the French version shall prevail.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Licensing Terms & Conditions are governed by French law to the exclusion of all others.